Director of Clinical Programs at the Garden Grove Office, Behavioral Architect

Stephanie Ammari joined the CUSP family in 2006 as a Case Supervisor and is currently the Director of Clinical Programs at our Orange County office located in Garden Grove. She started working in the field of behavior analysis with children diagnosed with developmental disabilities in 2000 at Eastern Michigan University while completing her undergraduate degree. In 2001, Stephanie graduated with her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. With a desire to learn more about behavior analysis and to continue working in the field, Stephanie returned to school at Eastern Michigan University. In 2004, she graduated with a Master’s degree in Clinical Behavioral Psychology. Stephanie became a Board Certified Behavior Analyst in 2007.

As a Director of Clinical Programs at CUSP, Stephanie is responsible for overseeing the delivery of ABA services and ensuring the quality of treatment of ABA programs for all of the clients in the Orange County area. She also provides parent training to both parents and caregivers of children/adults with developmental disabilities.  Stephanie works with Program Designers and Case Supervisors in developing and maintaining evidenced-based intervention plans and programs.