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CUSP in the Community

Allison DeGraaf 25 October 2016

One of our technicians, Christina, facilitating CUSP programs while out in the community. At CUSP, we are hyper-aware that your child’s life does not occur in a vacuum, and therefore his/her ABA program shouldn’t either. There has been copious research in the area of generalization (i.e., your child responding in different environments, with different people, and to a variety of stimuli beyond the training room).

Sure, it’s great that your child has learned to respond to greetings when the technician arrives at the door and articulately and excitedly says, “Hi Jimmy!!!” But what about when a store clerk greets in a novel way, such as saying, “hello there.” We think that all skills must be learned and mastered in a more structured environment, but then generalization needs to be actively programmed